At The Flavour Lab we're
Passionate about our Business

The Flavour Lab is Passionate about their business

"We are committed to offering a simple solution to improving food quality in the retail sector by supplying a high quality ingredient  package. Our commitment to ensuring a sustainable system is backed up with ongoing support in cook process."

Its all began with equipment supply. We realised the low skill levels in the industry. So we looked at training with recipe files. What became evident was that training was not sustainable. Rapidly we became involved in franchise food set ups. We started assisting clientelle with their franchise set up requirements. From idea to concept, to development and implementation.These were predominantly success stories.

Through our experience with setting up food businesses and ingredients, In 2006, we launched "Spice Specific" which manufactured and supplied batch packs to the industry. Realising the demand for our service and product offerings, we created a wish list. To put in focus what it was that we wanted to offer our customers.

In 2008 we re-branded as "The Flavour Lab" and began the listing process with PNP and other major retail clients. We have created our business through experience, demand and what we wanted the company to offer.