The Flavour Lab Mexican Schnitzels

October 31, 2012 by Ryan Hodge

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This schnitzel mix has a mixture of bread crumbs as well as flakes of corn flakes as a base. The mix has an aromatic smell of mild chilli, cumin, garlic and oregano, well suited mixture for all types of protein except lamb.

YIELD 12 Portions  PREP TIME 15mins  COOK TIME 10mins


1 The Flavour Lab Mexican Schnitzel Mix
1 The Flavour Lab Schnitzel Pre-dust
12 Chicken Fillets Flattened, about 1cm thick
6 Eggs
100ml Fresh Milk


  1. Place The Flavour Lab Schnitzel Pre-dust in a bowl, in a separate bowl place The Flavour Lab Mexican Mix and in the last bowl mix together the eggs and the milk.
  2. Set your deep fryer temperature to 160⁰C. 
  3. Take your fillets and push gently into The Flavour Lab Schnitzel Pre-dust, knock off excess flour. Set the fillets to one side.
  4. Run the fillets through the egg mixture and then into the The Flavour Lab Mexican Mix. Push the crumb mixture over the top of the fillet and push down gently, coat the fillets evenly.
  5. Once they are all coated make sure your deep fryer is ready.
  6. Float the fillets across the oil to ensure that they hold their shape, cook max 4 at a time. After 1½ min turn and fry the other side, after 1½min remove and place on paper towel to remove excess oil before presenting in your Bain Marie.

Can be served in a cold counter as well.

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